Cohen Health and Performance What We Do

At Cohen Health and Performance, we specialize in helping you get back in the game.

We believe you deserve a physical therapy and performance training experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Our commitment is to revolutionize how physical therapy and strength and conditioning is provided in Bethesda and McLean.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy and Performance Coaches have extensive experience working with top athletes from around the world, and we firmly believe that you should receive the same caliber of care. Whether you’re striving to recover from a recent injury, tired of persistent pain hindering your active lifestyle, or looking to optimize your performance, our dedicated team will carefully listen to your needs, assess your situation, and create a tailored physical therapy and/or performance plan to help you conquer your goals.

We’re unwavering in our dedication to your full recovery, ensuring you’re free from injury and fully prepared to tackle the physical demands of your sport, the gym, and your active life.

You will always receive undivided one-on-one attention during your sessions in our state-of-the art rehab and training facilities. You’ll also benefit from personalized home exercise programs, and you’ll have unlimited access to your performance physical therapist or coach for any questions or concerns that may arise between sessions.

Your health and active lifestyle are too important to settle for anything less. At Cohen Health and Performance, we’re not content with being just another run-of-the-mill physical therapy clinic. We believe you deserve to be treated as the athlete you truly are.

Take a look at more than 100, 5-star google reviews listed on our homepage to learn about how we have helped countless people just like you!

Are you ready to finally overcome the injury that is interrupting your active lifestyle? Hit the “schedule now” button today to get started!