Dr. Alex Immerman teaching a patient

Running Analysis
and Training

Cohen Health and Performance’s running analysis is created for runners that are tired of injuries limiting them from performing at their best or are looking to break through training plateaus. Conducted by Doctors of Physical therapy with years of experience helping runners of all levels (e.g., runners training for a 5k up to Olympic trials), our running analysis could be the secret ingredient in helping you elevate your training.

Our team uses running analysis software in conjunction with years of expertise to clearly identify areas of weakness within a runner’s stride. These areas are prioritized in order of importance based on which creates the greatest risk of injury and opportunity for improved performance. Your Performance Physical Therapist will provide you with a comprehensive description of all your findings.

We use this information, in conjunction with your goals, to create your customized training plan. Your plan includes drills to help you optimize your running technique; a comprehensive cross-training program with personalized videos; strength exercises; mobility/flexibility drills and much more! If you are a serious runner that is eager to set new personal records without being held back from injury, CHP’s running analysis is the solution for you!

Dr. Alex Immerman assessing a patient