3 Easy Exercises for Happy Knees

I can’t stand doing warmups. There I said it. Even though I’m a sports physical therapist both in Bethesda and McLean (yup, we opened our new location in McLean, Virginia!), and I know better, I just want to get into my workout without spending 15 minutes doing boring drills.

If you are anything like me, you want to spend the least amount of time warming up without increasing your risk of injury.

One way to reduce the amount of time that you need to warmup your knees are with home exercises that prepare your knees to handle more stress. Our athletic physical therapy patients (both youth athletes and active adults) see us in Bethesda and McLean for help with knee pain that limits them in the gym and/or out on the field. We commonly recommend that people perform drills that build the capacity of what the knees can handle. This means that the knees will be capable of handling more stress and be ready to go as soon as you walk into the gym.

Check out the videos below where I breakdown 3 drills that you can do at home for happy, healthy, and strong knees!

These are just a few examples of drills that help you with knee pain. If you are serious about finally solving the knee pain that is forcing you to modify your favorite workouts, don’t hesitate and contact us today to schedule an appointment in McLean or Bethesda. The root cause of your knee pain is unique and it is unlikely that the cookie cutter program you found online will do the job. We will show you exactly where your knee pain is coming from and provide a customized performance physical therapy plan to address it!

3 Critical Questions To Ask Your Physical Therapist on the First Visit

Physical therapy (both in person and virtual physical therapy) is most effective when you are actively involved. While the physical therapist is responsible for identifying issues and developing a plan, the patient should be actively involved by asking questions and providing necessary background information. Here are three important questions to ask your physical therapist to get the most out of your session in Chevy Chase or Bethesda.

1. Why did this happen, and how can we ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Solving the underlying issue and resolving any pain or discomfort is essential when working with a physical therapist. But beyond that, you also want to ensure that the problems don’t resurface. By asking about the root cause of the injury or pain, you’re able to better prevent the problem from becoming a long-term issue.

2. What do I need to be doing at home?

Unfortunately, time with a physical therapist is limited. Outside of a few hours a week, most time is spent away from your PT. When meeting with a physical therapist, it’s vital to clarify any exercises you should or shouldn’t be doing at home. A great physical therapist will make sure you have the tools and exercises needed to take control of your health, both inside and outside of the session.

3. How can you be sure I’ll make progress?

If you decide to work with a physical therapist, the intention should be to progress towards your goal. Oftentimes the  healthcare system will establish general objectives, such as reaching a “baseline” or returning to ADLs (active daily activities). Although these standard guidelines are a good starting point, the purpose of physical therapy is to reach your goals, not the goals of the insurance companies! By asking this question directly, you set a clear intention for the results you desire.

Physical therapy works best when there’s an active partnership between you and the PT. The more engaged you are in your health, the more progress you will make. By asking these three essential questions, you’ll set clear intentions for your physical therapy and build a better working relationship as a result.