Whether you are looking to overcome a recent injury, or are sick of pain that is preventing you from enjoying your active lifestyle, our team will listen, assess, design, and deliver a customized physical therapy plan to help you achieve your goals.

You deserve more than the standard physical therapy clinic. Our mission is to re-define how physical therapy is delivered. We believe that you should be taken care of like a professional athlete. Our mission is to help you regain your confidence by realizing the full potential of the athlete deep within you.

Unfortunately, pain and injury often stand in the way, and our job is to help you overcome these obstacles.

We treat you based on our experiences working with the world’s greatest athletes. Every one of our physical therapists is a doctor of physical therapy and will always dedicate the one-on-one time necessary to treat you as an individual, rather than splitting time between 2-3 patients at once. Your health and active lifestyle are simply too important to settle for anything less!

At Cohen Health and Performance we refuse to be a run of the mill physical therapy clinic and believe that you deserve to be treated like the athlete you are!

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Zac coaching Jack on a deadlift