Peak Performance Blueprint

Parents of high school athletes, do you worry you are wasting the time and money you spend on improving your athlete’s performance?

How do you know if all their training is working?

Trainers and individual sports coaches typically don’t have a way of clearly measuring progress so that you can objectively see their improvements.

That is why we created the Peak Performance Blueprint (PPB)

This state-of-the-art assessment provides athletes with a customized blueprint for optimizing their athletic potential. Incorporating our years of experience working with elite athletes and force-plate technology, the PPB will show, using clear metrics, how an athlete can most effectively improve their on-field performance and reduce injury risk. They will see how they compare to collegiate athletes in their sport and receive customized recommendations on improving their scores to be better prepared for collegiate athletics.

The PPB will provide every athlete with a detailed report of their current strengths and areas they must improve to optimize their athletic potential in addition to:

Athletic Capability Index

  • A 31-point scale that measures an athlete’s mobility, movement patterns, and performance on our force plate technology. The scale generates a score that shows an athlete how well prepared he is for the demands of his sport.
  • A comparison of how well the athlete compares to collegiate athletes in his sport

Strength and athletic performance testing using force plate technology

  • The athlete will learn exactly much they can generate and how quickly they can produce it. The best athletes produce high amounts of force in a short amount of time. Athletes will then be compared to collegiate athletes of the same sport.

Movement Screening

  • The movement screen in the PPB will identify any range of motion or movement pattern deficiency that the athlete needs for their sport. Specific recommendations will be provided to address these areas. The result will be reduced injury risk and improved performance.

Summary from a Performance Coach/Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • The experts at Cohen Health and Performance will summarize your athlete’s results and provide clear recommendations about improving them.

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