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Are You Missing This During Your Recovery?!

Do you feel like you have been in pain far too long? Are you tired of being restricted from performing the activities that you love to do? Do you wonder if there is more that you can be doing to get back to where you want to be?

Many times, the answer to the final question is yes. Returning to the activities that you love and eliminating pain is never a simple answer.

As human beings, we often seek one specific answer to explain why we are injured. However, many things influence our recovery from injury and can accelerate our return from injury. A lack of sleep can significantly impact your recovery and in my experience as a sports physical therapist, is often something that needs to be addressed during the rehab process.

Are you sleeping enough?

According to research we should strive for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night, however, it is unrealistic to think that we will be perfect immediately. Try simply getting into bed 15 minutes earlier for 1 week, then another 15 minutes earlier the following week, and so on until you reach 7 hours per night.

Are you in bed for plenty of time however still wake up feeling tired?

You likely are not experiencing the high quality of sleep that you are capable of having. Try implementing just 5 minutes of transition time between your daily activities and bed time. Put your phone away, step away from the TV and simply decompress from the stress of the day. Stepping away from the blue light of technology further helps with sleep quality by increasing the sleep hormone melatonin. Try limiting the amount of time in front of screens for the final hour before bed time whenever possible.

The body recovers from injury and repairs itself when we are sleeping. It will be much more successful in doing so as we pay more attention to the length of time we are sleeping and the quality of sleep that we are getting. Try implementing one of the simple strategies described above to accelerate your recovery, allowing you to get out of pain and back to doing the activities that you love even faster.

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