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Is Shoulder Clicking Bad?

Good pullup hang

“My shoulder clicks when I press or reach overhead. Is that a problem?”  “Is it bad to feel things moving and popping in my shoulder whenever I perform this movement?”

Questions like these are common in the sports physical therapy and injury rehabilitation setting. The answer is always context dependent because clicking can occur for several different reasons.

The shoulder is a complex joint with the most range of motion in the body.  It is comprised of bone, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons that allow for greater ease of movement in many different directions, however, it runs the risk of becoming unstable when movement quality is poor.

This can result in movement limitations or clicking/popping within the shoulder.

Check out an article that a member of our physical therapy team wrote back in 2018 if you are interested in learning more about the different sources of shoulder clicking/popping.

Regardless of the specific source of the clicking/popping, it is most important to improve the root causes of these issues: movement quality and mobility.

If you are interested in improving the movement quality and mobility of your shoulders, come join me for our virtual and pre-recorded mini-shoulder mobility workshop. We are offering this course for FREE to you, our CHP fam! Simply enter promo code CHPFAM at checkout.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  1. The source of your shoulder mobility limitations and/or discomfort
  2. How to assess the movement quality of your shoulders
  3. Exercises that you can start doing RIGHT NOW to improve your shoulder function, reduce discomfort, and decrease the risk for future injury

This workshop is a MUST attend for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between that want to:

  1. Train without being held back from pain
  2. Decrease future injury risk
  3. Perform at their highest level for years to come!

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