Is Your Doctor (or physical therapy clinic) Taking Care of You?

Alex working with Eric on sports physical therapy

Recently, I joined my mother-in-law for a visit to a physician’s office.

The physician she saw has a solid reputation and is known as a “go-to” expert in his field.

During the visit he spent a total of 5 minutes with my mother-in-law, glossing over test results and providing very brief recommendations.

He appeared to be speaking as fast as he could so that he could finish the visit and to get to his next patient. After his rushed explanation, we attempted to ask questions, which he answered while backing out of the room.

Sadly, experiences like this are very common in the world of healthcare and I do not blame the healthcare providers because they oftentimes are not left with much of a choice.

The health insurance industry consistently reduces reimbursement to health care providers, forcing them to schedule more patients within a fixed time period. As a result, the quality of care suffers, and everything becomes less personalized.

This also occurs in physical therapy, forcing many clinicians to resort to “cookie cutter” protocols.

If you go to Physical Therapy because of lower back pain then you get put on the lower back pain protocol, shoulder pain=shoulder protocol, etc.

Many times, this works, however, it is not the best choice for those looking to live an active, pain free, and healthy life.

For this reason I typically seek out practitioners that are out of network with health insurance as it enables them to provide me with the highest quality of care possible. In this approach I am treated like an individual and I get to ask all the questions that I would like so that I can a better understanding of my health.

We are out of network providers here at Cohen Health and Performance. We strive to get the best possible results for our patients in the least number of visits, while also providing the education necessary to prevent future issues from occurring.

People can feel better, move better, and enjoy an active lifestyle.  Our mission at CHP will always be to take the best possible care of our patients and that is why we are out of network with health insurance.

Interested in learning more about how this approach can help you? Contact us here!

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