Standing Desks: What’s The Verdict?

picture of desk for the computer

Recently many companies have begun paying more attention to the health of their workers, specifically in regards to work station set ups. Great improvements have been made in this area and as such I am constantly asked whether a patient should get a standing desk.

My answer to this question is never as simple as “yes” or “no.” As with many questions, the answer is “it depends.”

Are you sitting all day? Then you likely could benefit from incorporating more standing into your day. In this case, a standing desk would be a good thing to look into.

Are you already changing positions between sitting and standing at work with greater frequency? Do you get up and walk to the water cooler every 20-30 minutes? If this is the case, a standing desk may not be your most immediate concern.

The human body enjoys variability. In other words, it flourishes when it can adapt in many different ways. Think of your heart rate. It rises when you are exercising and then lowers back down to the resting rate after you recover. A healthy heart is constantly adjusting to the demands of life. In the most basic sense, this is an example of cardiovascular variability.

Our movement system enjoys being variable as well. If you are sitting constantly then incorporating more standing can make you more resilient to continued stiffness and discomfort. In this case, a standing desk may provide you with more variability so that you can switch between sitting and standing.

However, a standing desk is just one tool to help to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out the other Cohen Health and Performance blog posts to learn more useful tips and information!

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