What All Rotational Athletes Must Be Capable Of (Part 2)


The best ability is availability.

Rotational athletes come to physical therapy for help for with a variety of different overuse injuries (for more information, check out part 1 here). These injuries are the result of an excessive amount of stress placed onto one area which exceeds the body’s ability to tolerate.

Excessive stress accumulates in a particular area (often the lower back) as it is forced to pick up the slack from another area of the body that is not doing its part. Injury rehabilitation often involves discovering what these areas are.

Many times, it is the hips.

The hips are large joints with powerful muscles (ex. The glutes) surrounding them. This area should be generating the power to make things easier elsewhere.

The med ball hip toss teaches the body to generate rotational power at the hips and ultimately propel the ball through the arms. Once you have mastered this drill, step things up and give the perpendicular med ball throw a shot!

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