How To Get Your Own Lumbar Traction, For Free!

Do you have achy lower back pain? Does it feel like your lower back just needs to stretched out? Well look no further as we have the solution for you!
A spinal traction unit that you can purchase for home use!

April fools (yes I realize I am a day late on this)! While I am selling you that I also have a bracelet to improve your balance, abdominal electric belt to get that 6 pack and an amazing new time share that you would love!

Getting Turnt Up

Getting “turnt up” may seem like a great thing (at least to some) however the human body can only be in overdrive for so long. Bethesda, Maryland, where I practice is full of intellectual and impressive people that are a pleasure to work with. However many struggle to manage the stress associated with being in such a hard working environment which decreases the bodies effectiveness in recovering from pain and injury.