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Can You Shoulder The Load?

If you are reading this, you likely are already aware of some of your shoulder mobility limitations. These limitations may affect your ability to overhead press in the weight room, serve on the tennis court, or swim.

Perhaps you have been working on these limitations but have seen little improvement.

A joint’s mobility will be limited for a reason and in physical therapy it is our job to figure out why this is occuring.

The body will create stiffness in a joint and limit its ability to move through a particular range of motion when it does not feel safe there.

If your overhead mobility is limited, it is likely because you lack control of this joint when your arm is overhead. Therefore, your efforts to stretch the shoulder with the goal of gaining better overhead mobility is futile.

This is until you learn to generate the muscular forces necessary to control the shoulder in these positions. Once you can do this, the body will then reward you with more mobility as it now feels safe doing so.

The video below is a great example of how to utilize these principles to work on your shoulder flexion limitations. Give it a shot!

Shoulder Flexion PAILs/RAILs


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