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Do You Accept Health Insurance?

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At Cohen Health and Performance, we are frequently asked this question when someone initially comes to us for help with the pain and limitations that are hindering their active lifestyle.

This is a very reasonable question, however, the answer is much deeper than a simple yes or no.

The mission of CHP is to enhance the lives of individuals who want to live an active lifestyle by providing elite level physical therapy and empowerment for continued health and wellness.

This mission guides the decisions that we make, and when deciding whether or not we would be in-network with health insurance, the decision was obvious. It would be impossible to fulfill our mission and help people who care deeply about their health, get out of pain and back to enjoying their active lives as quickly as possible if we were in-network with health insurance.

Due to declining reimbursement rates from health insurance companies, in-network physical therapists are forced to see 2-3 patients per hour. This often results in treatment that is very “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all.” Creating and implementing a customized treatment plan would simply not be possible in the 20-30 minutes an in-network physical therapist has with his/her patient.

The limited amount of individualized care an in-network physical therapist can provide to his/her patient often necessitates that the patient is seen 2-3 times per week. Much of each visit is delegated to assistants, aides or techs. Furthermore, treatment has to often rely on modalities that do not require personal attention such as ultrasound and electric stimulation. These modalities have questionable evidence to advocate for their use and do nothing to help patients address the root causes of their pain. This is not to belittle the clinicians that are in-network with health insurance, as they are left with little choice.

At CHP, we are out of network with health insurance. We are able to help people get better, faster, and in less visits. Furthermore, we are able to educate people about how to sustain their results and prevent future re-occurrence. Very often we help patients that did not get results with in-network care.

Due to the high quality of care we are able to provide and the subsequent results that we are able to achieve, people often assume that they are going to have to invest a lot more money to see us. This is often not the case.

The investment in our services are greater on a per session basis, however, less overall sessions are required. When seeing an in-network provider, a small co-pay will accumulate quickly with 2-3 visits per week. Furthermore, we provide receipts that our patients can use to submit to their health insurance company for out of network reimbursement and they can use their health savings or flexible spending account if they have one.

Even more importantly, it is easy to get caught up in the financial investment, however, do not forget that you are investing in your health! Do you really want the cheapest option?

Feel free to reach out to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Immermann at if you have questions about how our out of network clinic can help you get back to doing the activities you love.

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