My Favorite Piece of Health Technology in 2020

Dr. Alex Immerman assessing a patient

Trackable health data has produced entire industries, the most prominent of which are wearable health tracking technology. This technology can also be used to enhance the results of athletic physical therapy and performance training.

Wearable health trackers commonly measure things such as heart rate, step count, sleep quality, and physical activity. This data is useful when it is utilized to make better health decisions and develop healthier habits.

However, it is easy to become obsessed and overwhelmed with the constant influx of data. When I got my first piece of wearable technology I became so obsessed with the data that it actually caused me stress. Always remember that this data is information meant to improve your health. The data is for you to interpret and adapt to your lifestyle!

With that being said, my favorite piece of health technology in 2020 is the Oura Ring.

The Oura Ring is a wearable health tracker that detects health information through the finger and has proven to be more accurate than most commonly used health trackers. For more information about Oura Ring, check out their website

However, its accuracy is not the reason that Oura Ring is my favorite piece of technology in 2020.

This year Oura conducted research to determine if the data collected could be used to predict when someone is infected with COVID-19. Although more research is needed, the results are promising and the answer appears to be yes. For more information on this topic, check out the article below.

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