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What Does It Mean To Be “Out Of Alignment?”

I constantly hear people talking about how their bodies are “out of alignment” or how their joints need to be “re-aligned” by their physical therapist, chiropractor or health care provider. Upon hearing this, I cannot help but wonder what the person’s image is of their own skeleton.

The human body is not that fragile. In fact, it is an amazing and incredibly resilient thing. Our bodies consist of several interdependent systems that are constantly adapting to the world around us, as well as our own internal environment to best help us thrive and survive.

Our joints do not simply fall out of alignment as may happen with your car. Our joints are meant to move and change positions. If they were constantly in line, then it would be impossible to move anywhere.

Joints can begin to orient in specific directions causing them to be limited in their ability to move elsewhere. They can also predominantly move through part of their overall available range of motion rather than through their full range of motion. This occurs as the body adapts to the demands (or lack thereof) placed on it or as a protective response. As this occurs it can feel as if the body is out of alignment or needs to be “re-aligned.”

The solution to this issue is to figure out why this is occurring in the first place so that it can be addressed accordingly. This way you feel better and get moving! For more great information like this, check out our additional blogs at

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