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Why Would You Celebrate Your Anniversary At Disney?

Dr. Zach Cohen and Dr. Debra Rios

This past weekend my wife, Debbie and I went on quick vacation to Disney World. We chose to escape the fast-paced environment of DC, turn back the clocks, and celebrate our anniversary like little kids.

Debbie and I are typically able to remain consistent with exercise and healthy eating however it is a challenge to avoid the stressors that life in a metropolitan area can bring. A constantly high level of stress may interrupt sleep, contribute to fatigue and decrease the ability of the body to positively adapt from exercise.

A strategic break is a wonderful way to battle this challenge. Strategic breaks are necessary in the lives of any hard working, driven individual. People often feel guilty for taking a break from the grind however research has proven that great ideas com during “off” time and/or immediately after. For example, Bill Gates is famous for constantly taking weeks off without cell phone or internet access to simply disconnect.

After my strategic break, I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to give everything I have to our patients to help them get the best results possible. This most recent vacation had the added benefit of allowing us to take a break from the serious and laugh at ourselves which I find hugely valuable.

Adjusting your exercise routine and approach to nutrition is important however when was the last time you evaluated your life balance?

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