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What Is Good Posture?

“I know, my posture is terrible.”

Sometimes our patients/clients will come to us concerned about their posture.

People are classically taught to “sit up straight,” or stand with their chest out and shoulder blades pulled down and back. This is often seen as the counter to slouching which is commonly looked down upon.

I rarely think of posture as good or bad.

Most people think of posture as a static (non-moving) position. However, our posture, much like movement, is always changing. The body constantly adapts to more efficient and comfortable positions based on demand.

Think of your most recent workday. Your resting posture was likely much different at the end of your workday when compared to when you first sat down in the morning. In the morning you may have been much more upright and aware with your coffee kicking in. However, you later began to slouch and melt into your chair as the afternoon lull approached.

Your posture likely appeared very different in both of these situations and an assessment of your posture would therefore also appear different depending on the time of day it was done.

“Does this mean that posture doesn’t matter?”

No, that is not the case. What it does mean is that there are other things that warrant more attention. Practicing high movement quality every day, taking walks outside to break up continuous bouts of desk work and getting a full night’s sleep will have a greater impact on your health then constantly worrying about your resting posture.

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