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Why Your Back Pain Won’t Go Away

Have you tried everything and still have low back pain? Is your daily pain limiting your workout of the day?
Here are some reasons your back pain won’t go away…

1) A Poor Night’s Sleep
Sleep is the best recovery tool that we have. From an evolutionary perspective, we better have a great reason for leaving ourselves unconscious and vulnerable for a number of hours! Research indicates that quality of sleep plays a crucial role in improving outcomes in chronic pain patients.

Make sure that you have a high-quality mattress. A poor-quality mattress can leave your back feeling worse due to a lack of support. For this reason, a high quality, firmer mattress is often best. Be sure to test out multiple mattresses to determine which one is best and most comfortable for you. This is also not the time to get cheap! Think of this as an investment as we use it for at least 8 hours every day. One-third of your life is spent in bed!

Furthermore, no more sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach increases the compression on your lower back. Initially it can be extremely challenging to sleep on your side or back when you are not accustomed to it. However, it will become significantly easier with a little bit of repetition.

2) Addiction to Technology
According to recent research, the average person spends about nine hours per day using electronic devices. This will increase tension in a number of areas including the lower back.

Try setting limits on your technology use or maybe even give yourself a technology curfew at the end of the day. This will help reduce your technology use and can even help improve your quality of sleep by reducing blue light exposure before bed.

3) Stress
The body is very resilient, however, it can still only handle so much stress. Stress can be both physical and emotional. The body is limited in the amount of physical stress that it can handle when it is pre-occupied with emotional/psychological stress. Research indicates that people struggling with anxiety and depression are more likely to experience a number of orthopedic pains including lower back pain. This can often lead to a downward spiral of emotional/psychological stress contributing to lower back pain and lower back pain leading to more stress.

If you feel that you could reduce your stress, try meditating or deep relaxation techniques. Not sure how to go about that? There are many great apps that you can use on your phone to help guide you. You can even do something as simple as setting aside time to sit and relax and reflect on your day.

4) Not Getting a Comprehensive Treatment Plan
If you are receiving treatment for back pain and symptoms are not getting any better, you have to consider the possibility that your treatment plan may not be comprehensive enough. Back pain is very complex and is influenced by a number of factors, including many that were not described in this article. A comprehensive evaluation is essential to determine the root causes of pain and assess the numerous factors that contribute to this issue.

Effective treatment targets the root issue and doesn’t just chase symptoms. This is essential to provide fast and long-lasting results. Do not trust your back to just anyone!

If you continue to have symptoms, remember that we specialize in helping athletic people just like you get out of pain and back to doing those activities that you love.

Call to learn more or to schedule an appointment. If you aren’t sure if we are the right place for you, please sign up for a free consultation to determine if we are the right people to help you!

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